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Rivid's new album Sidetracked out now! Brand new original progressive rock to hit your lovely earholes. Thanks friends for all the support and love!


released April 28, 2015

Nathan Fenner -- Guitar, Keyboards, Drums, Production, Vocals, Art
Ryan Dwyer -- Bass, Drums, Production, Vocals, Art



all rights reserved


Rivid Denton, Texas

Progressive Rock from Denton, TX!
We are back as a duo, bringing fresh, original progressive rock to you! We've inspirations from bands like Reign of Kindo, Weather Report, and Thank You Scientist!

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Track Name: Intimacy
Are you breathing
Tell me are we safe here tonight?

Alight, alight
Inside dange
In danger

Our oath or your lease, no matter now.
The taste of your skin
The sound of your hymns, your eye on mine
Becomes my all
Track Name: Pseudo Prison (feat. Joe Bustanji)
Stiff, caught in the web
Burnt out both your eyes pretending to live.
Ya stare but can't see
What restraints you've made,
The cause of cutting ties
Does nobody die
In digital domes
Do you die
Will you die

Inside your pseudo prison
Where dreams degrade
Shackled and cursed by cold routine
Where your will begs to be freed

Gaze into camera eye
Blackmail by consent authorized in fear
Decisions precede ideal scenes unmade.
Afraid to be so brave
You're begging 'bail out'

But you seem alive so far
So don't be so afraid
You're fine where you are
Do search for bricks unlaid

In pseudo prison
You can bend the bars
Release all your limbs from ball and chain
Your freedom land isn't so far

Its no illusion
Do not disguise

Drives me mad
We are delusion
Erecting our towers of nothing new
Soon to rot, and stuck in a sad loop
Track Name: Psychodynamo
Kind of like dancing around a fire
Feel that? It's got you a brand new vibe
Time to start cramming a lot more good drugs in you
To jolt your brain
Can you see yourself
Floating in vacuum?
Don't you dare give way to your phobias
To achieve euphoria and learn how to soar
Til your drug is done
But you won't sober soon
Hey, I think you got a terrible illness post-trip
I think you should wind on down
Time to start getting a lot more fluids through you
To bring you home
I see you're still going
Aren't you yet neutral?
Don't you dare lose hold of your head
Now I look at you and feel like I'm bounded
We're so alike both stuck in this curse
Maybe we are one?
Mirror, lie to me..
Now I dare not dance
I can see myself
Staring at blank space
Out of body, third eye keeps watch
To assure I'm sane still, til I sober
Track Name: Our Wildest Days
The sky is our only retreat
The tide, will appear unappealing

In our wildest days we harbor
Omens for the future
Keeping feet on the ground
We suffer the grief of giving it up

Look, you were wrong 'bout the stars
They shine, and inspire progression

But our childish wars prevent the
Curious from searching
When we start standing still ya look up
Demanding some sort of success

Cosmos, guide us away
Luna shove off, okay?
Starstruck, I float away!

Weighed down by worldly worries
The skeptical are frightened
Till we choose to explore I fear for
The well being of all my good friends
In our wildest days I wonder
If we're to abandon our home

Swim into the stars
Track Name: Sol
Sol sustain us
Track Name: Chemicals
From the doubt in our cortex
Rationale is attained;

Repose keeps us afraid
But fear is the chemical gluing our vigilance together
Reason lets us thrive
Use the spectrum in your eyes

From a callow soul comes courage
Naive courage

No God to guide me through this, my nerves quiver steadily, but that means I am free
Now, no longer hollow, but still, I'm just a formula

Oh, our hearts are led astray, but that's okay, for we are just chemicals
Our souls may stay as shallow bonds, but nothing's wrong; we are the universe